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3 Advantages of Outsourcing Company Secretary Services

The majority of companies not only in Singapore but the world over are opting to outsource company secretary services and this is mainly due to a number of reasons. Previously, most companies preferred handling important roles within the confines of an in-house team due to factors such as reliability, accessibility, accountability, and reasons related to preference. Such a move gave the company control over the entire process, however, that has so far changed due to the intricacy and the ever-changing roles of a company secretary.

Majority of companies are being incorporated without having a company secretary in place and that’s creating an immediate demand for company secretary services. The increased use of technology has made the company business processes to be streamlined in such a way that makes outsourcing of such tasks to be effective as the company still remains capable of monitoring the process and exercising control. Many companies are therefore entrusting corporate service providers with professional support tasks due to their experience, expertise, and efficiency.

Competitive Pricing

Outsourcing of company secretary services has been proven to be less costly when compared to hiring a fulltime in-house company secretary. Offshore companies that are considering incorporation of company in Singapore tend to prefer dealing with a reputable corporate service provider for company secretary services as that also provides them with access to a range of other vital services. Professional tasks can be quite time consuming and outsourcing helps with freeing up the in-house team some valuable time that can be concentrated to other tasks.

There is more control and efficiency that can be realized when vital tasks such as company secretary services are outsourced to be handled by experts. The company personnel will then be free to engage in other vital tasks while also having the confidence that matters pertaining statutory obligations and compliance are effectively handled.

Execution of Support Duties

Once you outsource company secretary services to a corporate service provider such as Onestop CA Singapore; you also gain access to a range of support services such as auditing, accounting, advisory services and such can have a huge impact on your company.

Ensures Compliance

Observation of statutory compliance is an area that many companies find to be challenging. Whether it’s tax-related matters, monthly returns, and other related compliance issues; working with a reputable firm for company secretary services will help in ensuring that compliance is observed. Failure to ensure compliance has led to many companies paying unnecessary and such can be avoided if the right corporate service provider is engaged.

Outsourcing of company secretary services to a great extent provides that additional assurance on compliance processes and also helps in addressing the lack of compliance skills that could be existing within an organization. Many small and mid-level companies also lack the capability to hire skilled staff that can handle such tasks on full-term basis. Working with a corporate service provider therefore helps in making the entire process seamless.

With a reputable corporate service provider, a company can effectively streamline their internal and external compliance effectively.

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