company secretary services in Singapore

Comprehensive Company Secretary Services in Singapore

Effective governance has become such a critical requirement in today’s business environment. There has been an increased focus on company secretary roles since they have greatly evolved from being an administrative servant of the board to one that encompasses broader roles such as advisory and corporate governance. The chairman of the board to a great extent relies on the advisory services of the company secretary. The choice person for company secretary services in Singapore should be one that’s well versed with high-level responsibilities that they’re expected to execute.

Apart from acting as a link between the company’s board of the organization, the various stakeholders, the government, and other regulatory authorities; the company secretary plays such an integral part in the operations of a company. It’s a statutory requirement that a company incorporated in Singapore must have a company secretary after a stipulated period of time. Instead of sourcing for a company secretary all by yourself, you can consider engaging a reputable firm that offers comprehensive company secretary services in Singapore.

Here are some of the comprehensive company secretary services in Singapore;

Handling Statutory Responsibilities

For proper handling of statutory responsibilities; it’s advisable that you work with a firm that’s capable of delivering comprehensive company secretary services in Singapore. Working with a professional corporate service provider like OneStop Singapore can help in ensuring that governance structures, corporate conduct and other vital statutory mechanisms within the organization are well executed.

It’s the work of the company secretary to ensure that the company complies effectively with the company law and maintains statutory registers. The company secretary also makes the necessary filings of statutory returns with ACRA such as the annual returns, financial statements and other forms.

Corporate Governance

Company secretary services have greatly evolved in practice and are not just about executing the basic statutory obligations. The tasks have become more complex as company secretaries are expected to develop and also implement processes that can help promote and also sustain good corporate governance. It’s the responsibility of the company secretary to provide guidance on board effectiveness and how the board members can be assisted on matters pertaining to the company.

Due to the changing dynamics in reference to governance, company directors are recognizing the importance of technical knowledge and specialist skills that company secretaries should have for proven work expertise. Engaging a reputable firm such as OneStop Singapore for comprehensive company secretary services in Singapore makes the whole process easier for organizations as they gain access to a pool of highly qualified professionals that can effectively deliver company secretary services.

Board Development

All of the directors of the board prefer engaging a reputable firm for quality advisory services that can move the company forward. There are a range of services that highly require the help of a highly skilled and expert company secretary. Tasks such as Singapore customs registration for companies involved in import and export can be quite involving and expert skills are necessary.

The benefits that come with engaging a reputable form such as OneStop Singapore for company secretary services are great. Apart from having that peace of mind that all the statutory requirements and compliance issues are observed, you also get to benefit from the range of corporate services that the firm provides.

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