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Steps to Follow with Incorporation of Company in Singapore

Incorporation of a company in Singapore doesn’t have to be a complex process especially when you engage the services of a reputable firm that offers corporate services such as Onestop Assurance Singapore. Singapore has become a thriving business destination especially for foreigners seeking to extend their business base.

Functions and Roles of a Nominee Director in Singapore

According to Singapore’s company Act, it’s a requirement that a company registered in Singapore should have at least one local director who is a resident of Singapore. A nominee director in Singapore is therefore a person who is obligated to act in accordance with the instructions, directions, and wishes of another person.

3 Things to Consider When Choosing Auditing Services in Singapore

Choosing a reputable audit firm in Singapore can be likened to choosing a business partner. The success and credibility of your business heavily relies on the audit firm that you settle for just as it is with a business partner. Accounting and auditing firms in Singapore offer an array of services such as tax filing, book keeping and accounting tasks, advisory services and more.