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The Evolution of Company Secretary Services in Singapore

The appointment of a company secretary Services in Singapore is a statutory requirement that every company that’s registered in Singapore should adhere to. The appointment is required to be done within six months of incorporation of company in Singapore and should be undertaken by the board of directors. Engaging a reputable corporate service provider for company secretary services helps in ensuring that the ideal candidate that clearly understands the scope of their roles and duties is appointed.

According to the Monetary Authority of Singapore through its Corporate Governance Code; it’s a requirement that a company gets to clearly define the role of the company secretary. The company secretary is the person charged with ensuring the company’s compliance with the set laws and regulations and they should be present at all of the board meetings as they provide advisory services to the board on matters related to governance. The roles and duties of a company secretary have greatly evolved in today’s business environment and working with a reputable corporate service provider in Singapore for such services can be of great benefit.

Company secretaries can effectively take up senior positions within the company such as taking up managerial roles and other high profile positions within the company. Apart from performing typical secretary duties; company secretaries also offer advisory services to the executive directors and the board chairs. Here are some of the evolved roles of company secretaries;

Rising need for Core Competencies in companies

Industry experts acknowledge the fact that there are various task demands that company secretaries should be able to fulfill for the efficient flow of company operations. Working with a reputable corporate service provider for company secretary services in Singapore helps in ensuring that the ideal personnel with a quality understanding of the much-needed core competencies is engaged for the job.  A competent company secretary should have excellent interpersonal skills, keen attention to detail, creativity, and great analytical reasoning alongside professional qualifications and work experience.

Legal Obligations

Apart from the typical duties that corporate secretaries are supposed to undertake, company secretaries should also carry out various legal obligations. They are required to provide comprehensive administrative and legal support to the board. It’s the duty of the company secretary to ensure that all the compliance and statutory issues are adhered to and business affairs completed effectively without any violation of the laws and regulations. Working with reputable corporate service providers such as Onestop CA Singapore helps in ensuring that a company engages extremely competent company secretary services in Singapore that has the potential of executing legal obligations and statutory requirements effectively. It’s the work of the company secretary to ensure that the company meets all of its legal obligations.

Implementation of corporate strategies

Apart from arranging for director and shareholder meetings, and provision of administrative support in the preparation of meetings; it’s also the role of the company secretary to implement corporate strategies by ensuring that the decisions by the board are properly carried out and effectively communicated. Working with Onestop CA Singapore for the delivery of company secretary services helps with ensuring that a high level of expertise and experience is demonstrated in the delivery of corporate secretarial services.

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