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Why Outsource Nominee Director Services in Singapore

Majority of foreign investors are considering incorporation of company in Singapore and the move is mainly influenced by Singapore’s low corporate tax rates. However, it’s a statutory requirement according to Singapore’s Companies Act that a foreign-owned company should have a local director who is a resident of Singapore.  For a foreign company to be considered as fully compliant with Singapore’s Company Act, the company should consider engaging nominee director services in Singapore.

When you engage nominee director services from Onestop CA Singapore; you get access to a reputable local director that can serve your company. Onestop CA offers a wide range of services such as Auditing, Accounting, Tax Planning, Business Compliance Services, Company Secretary Services and local director services. The corporate service provider has a team of compliance experts that will definitely ensure that the important guidelines that pertain to operating an offshore company are adhered to accordingly.

Companies that fail to comply with the statutory requirements are likely to face severe penalties such as fines and may even lead to cessation of business operations. Having nominee director services in Singapore will help in ensuring that your business operations flows smoothly as they act as the contact person that represents your business interests within the country. The role of a nominee director in Singapore is to comply with the law and will be able to operate as per the duties delegated by the company director.

A company can have as many directors as possible but there should at least be one who is a local resident of Singapore. The nominee director is still considered as a director and should be able to act in the best interest of the company and in compliance with the law. When engaging a firm for nominee director services in Singapore, it’s vital that you take into account the credibility of the company. Here are some of the reasons for outsourcing nominee director services;

Credibility and Expertise

A nominee director services in Singapore holds such an important position and that calls for engagement of an individual that has demonstrated high level of credibility and expertise. If you’re operating an offshore company in Singapore then you may not be certain about the level of credibility and expertise of those who get to show interest in such a position. However, working with a reputable firm such as Onestop CA helps in ensuring that you get access to an individual who is not only credible but also well conversant of the tasks that they are to perform.


Working with a reputable firm such as Onestop CA Singapore for delivery of nominee director services ensures reliability as the firm will always be there to address any issues that might arise with regard to delivery of such services. Onestop has a proven track record in delivering a range of corporate services to several clients. Apart from provision of local director services; Onestop CA Singapore is also the go-to place for other corporate services such as Auditing, Accounting, Tax Planning, Advisory services among others.

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