Registered Business Address Service In Singapore

Why You Need A Registered Business Address Service In Singapore

When considering the incorporation of company in Singapore, one of the statutory requirements that many find to be challenging is the requirement of a registered business address service in Singapore for company office. A company’s business address contributes a lot to its reputation and can to a great extent impact on how the company’s communications are handled.  The best solution that one can opt for is to rent a virtual office in Singapore for use as a registered business address.

Today’s business environment is rapidly changing and there is great need for flexibility on how to operate a business in Singapore. Instead of renting an office space that can be quite costly and may also tie up your finances, you can consider engaging Onestop Singapore for registered business address service in Singapore. Never risk your business address with a home address or a P.O Box as majority of clients would want to know the actual location of the business address.

ACRA’s criteria of having a registered business address service in Singapore states that the office must be open for at least five hours during the ordinary working hours each day. The office address should also be a physical address that’s located in Singapore and it cannot just be a P.O Box.

Here are some of the reasons for having a registered business address in Singapore;

Statutory Requirement

Having a registered business address in Singapore is a statutory requirement that every entity incorporating a company in Singapore should adhere to. However, instead of renting a building for use as a physical address, there are better options that are flexible and less costly. It is possible for business owners to use a prestigious business address for a virtual office in Singapore. Companies such as OneStop Singapore offer business address services and can provide you with the actual registered business address that can be used when registering a company in Singapore.

Virtual Business Addresses are Cost Effective

Having a virtual registered business address in Singapore is quite cost effective. Apart from being able to meet the statutory requirements; you will not have to bother about servicing a physical place. Foreign investors will find use of virtual office address as the registered business address to be quite efficient and cost effective.

The setting up of a physical business address can be quite costly and renting a virtual registered business address is the ideal option as it takes less effort for one to be acquired.

Ideal Location of Virtual Office

When it comes to having a registered business address, the location of your office space really matters. When you have a virtual office that’s located within the CBD, it comes with some level of confidence as you are certain that it can be easily accessed. Such an office is likely to create a positive impression about your company.

OneStop registered business addresses services makes it possible for company’s to grow their businesses with flexibility through monthly payment contracts that are manageable. Businesses also get to benefit from a range of services.

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