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Why Engage Onestop CA Singapore for Audit and Assurance

Apart from fulfilling regulatory obligations as required by ACRA Singapore, another key reason for engaging an audit firm in Singapore is to provide reasonable assurance that the financial records are accurate. With a huge range of audit firms that purport to provide satisfactory audit of financial records; working with a reputable firm such as Onestop CA Singapore can be of great benefit to your company.

Onestop has an audit methodology that focuses first on having an understanding of the client’s business then goes ahead to identify some of the key risk areas to focus on. The audit firm in Singapore has a team of accounting and audit professionals that proceeds to undertake an assessment and analysis of the accounting records so as to evaluate the effectiveness of the company’s internal controls on those risk areas.

This process is then followed by determining and managing any audit risk that might arise from the evaluation undertaken. An additional assessment and a performance of additional audit procedures can then be undertaken before offering advice. Such a detailed assessment and analysis of financial records require the engagement of an audit firm in Singapore that has the in place a team of CA professionals and the technological infrastructure that helps in ensuring all of the tasks are done in a transparent and seamless way.

Such an approach to evaluating unaudited records helps with ensuring that the audit task is carried out in a timely and efficient manner without neglecting any key material or risk areas. Onestop CA Singapore is well known for their high quality work with their diverse portfolio consisting of both local and multinational corporations. The team has a great balance of business and technical knowledge that makes it easy for the audit firm in Singapore to serve various industries effectively.

Here are some of the reasons for engaging Onestop CA Singapore;

Integrity, Professionalism and Objectivity

The hallmark of Onestop Audit practice is based on integrity, objectivity and professionalism. This reputable audit firm in Singapore has a dedicated team of competent professionals that work actively with clients to ensure that the financial records are accurate and with no loopholes for mistakes. Some of the areas given emphasis when it comes to undertaking internal audit for companies include;

  • Assessing and evaluating the internal control structure and processes.
  • Identification of key risk areas and the controls that are lacking and should be put in place.
  • Re-engineering of the cumbersome and unclear processes so as to achieve cost maximization and operation efficiency.
  • Constant reassessment of key controls and identification of the new processes so as to ensure that they remain relevant to company needs.

In-depth Analysis of Financial Status

If you’re considering acquisition of any property and in need of in depth analysis of the financial status alongside any risk issue associated with the acquisition then you need an audit firm in Singapore that’s capable of investigating and evaluating any investment opportunity that your company is interested in. Onestop CA Singapore is capable of observing due diligence in such matters. The firm has a team with multi-disciplinary expertise and is capable of uncovering every major risk and with the ability to validate every value driver by practicing a rigorous due diligence process so as to ensure the client has valuable information that can help with clear decision making process.

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